About The Book

Quickly Discover Yourself–It’s Not Too Late!

You will discover the 8 C’s of Character Completion and learn how to:

  • Convert your negative thoughts into positive, self-influence.
  • Create you a self-motivated and humble, mental attitude.
  • Control your own destiny and attract the lifestyle you vision in your spirit and in your mind.
  • Conquer the fears you face and learn the winning habits of being a victor—surrender your slavery to negativity by giving up your rights to being a victim!
  • Captivate real-time experiences from both the failures and successes made from a self-taught entrepreneur who swam through the smoggy swamps of wicked impurities, entertained his negative thoughts and dealt with the consequences of life, running through thorny bushes lightly clothed, stinging the soles of his feet while tip toeing over the hot fiery sediments of coal before crossing over the burning bridge and into the land of deliverance.
  • Connect your spirit, mind, and body to joint venture into one accord by exemplifying dedication and self-discipline. You can reach the point of achievement by allowing your steadfast focus to be the center in your life.
  • Command authority over the problems in your life that hold you as a prisoner to your family, friends, and business opportunities.
  • Cancel out any form of negativity that includes a person(s), place, or thing (thought).

Joseph Mercado is a professional entrepreneur who specializes in positive thinking, and healing the negative thoughts within people who want to be helped. Influence is something we encounter every day whether it’s positive or negative. Joseph can reveal How To Discover Yourself by creating metaphors and emitting comforting inspiration into your mind, body, and soul.


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